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Tech Innovation Team

A complete and experienced team ready to take on projects and ship hight quality research, software design and development.

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Say hello to a collaborative journey towards your digital success.

Why us

Unleash your business's innovation potential

Your company deserves a dedicated tech team turning your boldest ideas into reality.

Predictable costs, constant delivery

We charge a fixed monthly rate to build and deliver value constantly, granting you access to a diverse array of talent in Software Development, Research, UX/UI Design & Prototyping, and Problem Solving.

Exclusive & Human

Shipny only works with a handful number of clients to make sure our founders are always actively working on your projects. This enables us to deliver high quality work while learning from different challenges, and have a direct and human contact with you and your company.

Dedicated tech development

Forget the overhead of directly hiring and managing an internal team/department. Save thousands a month by going with us, and get an experienced tech team dedicated to creating new solutions tailored specifically for your company.


Our skill book

Simply all the talent you'll need

Our experienced tech team has it all to turn your ideas to life.


Web software development

We develop our solutions as web applications, which gives us speed and flexibility to work on a wide range of business segments. Explore some of the benefits of using a web app.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

No need to develop and manage separate versions for different platforms (e.g., iOS, Android, Windows).

Instant Updates

Let your products' users access the latest version instantly. No needing to download or install updates. 

Search Engine Visibility and Scalability

Improve visibility and attract more users organically, also with web app it's esier to scale to accomodate growing number of users.



Efficiency is at the core of our research practices. We rely on a set of research techniques, each beneficial to a step of our process of designing, developing, and maintaining custom software applications. Effective research has helped us save time, and effort and deliver accurate results for our partners.

Exploratory research

Gather insights, identify potential problems and ideas. At the beginning of a project, it helps us better understand features and how to better reach a goal.

Usability research

Conducted with real users on our prototypes, allows for identifying obstacles, areas for improvements and the general feel for the usefulness of the tool.

User research

Really understand the needs of those who will use the application, the challenges they wish to overcome, pain points around the context they're inserted on. Solutions get less generic and help it's users in achieving the goal for the project.


UI/UX design

We take design seriously, such that you get to fully visualize what a solution will look like and how it'll work, prior to dedicating resources to build it. Our approach to design has helped us handle feedback loops early on and deliver accurate solutions for our partners.

Interactive Prototypes

We create high fidelity interactive prototypes on Figma. Our partners get a hands-on experience that accurately represents the visual design and functionality of the final product before we get to build it. Speeeeed.

User Experience focused

You've seen outdated systems cluttered with buttons/information that add more complexity than they solve. We build just the opposite: simple and functional solutions that are a joy to use.

Behavioral design

Our applications are built for people. We apply the industry leading behavioral design system from Coglode to suggest decisions to our partners and create interactions that work.


Problem solving

We're engineers at our core. We dig deep into the problem to understand it comprehensively. Then we apply our services and experience to come up with a seamless solution.

Simplicity over complexity

Understanding the goal is essential, and we favor solutions that remove cumbersome processes instead of adding more complexity to something that might be clunky. In the end, we build something that just works. Simple and effective.

Tech implementation

No need to re-invent the wheel. We're there to help implement existing tech into your day-to-day operations. Examples include: adding a live chat to your website, integrating WhatsApp Business API, implement GS1 barcodes, create Zapier automations, and more.

Your company is unique

Custom software makes business stand-out because business are unique, and have unique needs. We believe that every company should have access to digital solutions tailored to their needs, so we made it our mission to simplify the access to great tech.

Boost your company with tech

Let's talk about your idea!

Example of solutions

Get a taste of what Shipny delivers

Got a problem? We can work it out.

Order management

A system for a B2B company with multiple sales representatives.


  • Single source for all incoming orders, all reps use a straightforward interface that handles all their requirements.

  • Automatic invoices and email/WhatsApp messages. Remove clutter from indirect communication channels.

  • Reports for sales trend prediction, improves organization on production and storage facilities

Desktop interface for order management: Lists new orders received by representatives in an easy-to-use interface layout.
Screenshot of the mobile app interface displaying the add products step, designed for sales representatives' use.

"We the owners and our customers are getting a lot of praise on the innovations we've been introducing. We're really satisfied with Shipny's advising and creations which they managed to integrate with our products and processes so seamlessly, and also helped us amplify market presence and close more sales."

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co-founder of LigaTex, a building supplies factory.

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Our founders

About us

Shipny was founded in 2023 by 2 engineers. Paulo had previously worked with multiple clients in Europe and the US developing top-notch software solutions and Bruna has over 7 years of experience with industries, product research & development, and marketing. Shipny was born from our mission of delivering simple access to high quality technology development for businesses.

Photo of Shipny co-founder Bruna, smiling warmly.

Bruna Stela


UX/UI designer

Photo of Shipny co-founder Paulo, smiling warmly.

Paulo Levy


Software Developer

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